By placing Trainingship DENMARK at the disposal of the official Denmark, MARTEC is proud to support Danish industry and education, as well as Danish athletes and culture during the Olympics.

MARTEC and Training Ship DANMARK has set a new ambitious goal, travelling to the Olympics in Tokyo 2020. It will be an amazing experience for everyone involved during the Olympic Games, Training Ship DANMARK will provide a spectacular platform for social activities onboard and provide a unique possibility for Danish and Japanese industry and officials to establish long-term business relations between Japan and Denmark.

Voyage plan 2020
Calendar 2020 #107 - Olympic Voyage Download Calendar

Voyage number 107 – Tentative Olympic Voyage plan 2020
23.01.2020 Trainees at MARTEC, Frederikshavn
08.03.2020 Trainees sign on, Frederikshavn
16.03.2020 Departure Frederikshavn
26.04.2020 Arrival Caribbean
03.05.2020 Departure Caribbean
11.05.2020 Passage Panama Canal
25.06.2020 Arrival Honolulu, Hawaii
29.06.2020 Departure Honolulu, Hawaii
20.07.2020 Arrival Tokyo, Japan
09.08.2020 End of term, trainees sign off

The fulfilment of the Olympic Voyage depends on whether sufficient external funds are raised. Please note: changes may occur.