04.08.2021, 07:52 LT
Danmark anchored off Vedbaek.


03.08.2021, 12:00 ship time, pos 55 24,7'N 014 35,1'E Passing Bornholm on our port side we are bound for Copenhagen by engine. Today is all about getting us ship shape and ready for the call on the capital in a few day.
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02.08.2021, 12:00 ship time, pos 55 41,7'N 015 45,5'E We are sailing back and forth between Sweden and Poland. Most exams and lessons are finished so now we can enjoy a few easier days before coming to Copenhagen.
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01.08.2021, 12:00 ship time, pos 55 57,1'N 014 47,7'E After motoring all night we are again under sail heading SE. Today is time for some extra sail handling excercises, a lot of fun with all hands now quite experienced.
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31.07.2021, 12:00 ship time, pos 56 41'N 016 52,4'E We spent a quiet night hove too in the lee of Oland. A nice break after the working we got in the sharp waves of the Baltic yesterday. Now we are slowly making our way towards Denmark again.
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30.07.2021, 12:00 ship time, pos 55 56,6'N 016 59,8'E We have been sailing very fast with almost no sails as we are having the strongest winds of the voyage. Routines are still going and in a few hours we will be in the lee of Oland.
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29.07.2021, 12:00 ship time, pos 54 44,9'N 013 08,3'E We have had some very nice sailing with a fair wind and smooth seas. This morning it has been a bit more gusty and some rain showers to match. Speed is excellent though as we sail towards Bornholm.
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28.07.2021, 12:00 ship time, pos 55 01,4'N 010 05,1'E Danmark hove anchor at 09:50 today and we are now underway sailing. Yesterday was a very exciting day as we had liferaft excercises as well as acted as gybe mark for the Fyn Rundt regatta. Now we are back at it with lessons and exams.
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26.07.2021, 12:00 ship time, pos 54 48'N 010 08'E Yesterday we had a long and interesting passage through the Kiel canal, seeing everything from cargo ships to farm animals. We left the lock in Holtenau just before midnight and are now sailing in the calm waters of the Lille Belt.
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26.07.2021, 18:28 ship time
Danmark anchored off Soeby.


25.07.2021, 12:00 ship time, pos Brunnsbuttel anchorage At the moment we are drifting close to the locks at Brunnsbuttel and are waiting for the pilot. In a (hopefully) short while we will be entering the Kiel Canal and tonight the Baltic.
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T/S Danmark alongside Esbjerg 20.07.2021 00:40 Local time


19.07.2021, 12:00 ship time, pos 56 09'N 006 35,7'E The last exams for this leg of the voyage are being held today. At the moment wi are again flying royals as we approach Esbjerg.
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18.07.2021, 12:00 ship time, pos 57 26,7'N 004 36,6'E The last 24h have been spent sailing through various oil fields in the North Sea. Now we are seeing off shore installations and other ships almost all the time. Quite a difference compared to what we have experienced out in the Atlantic.
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17.07.2021, 12:00 ship time, pos 58 07,3'N 000 02,9' W Yesterday we were greeted by a calm and warm North Sea. The wind finally picked up last night and we ar now under almost full sails bound for Esbjerg.
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16.07.2021, 12:00 ship time, pos 58 44,8'N 003 30,8'W Yesterday we were laying to west of Cape Wrath waiting to make our approach towards Pentland Firth. At the moment we are sailing at a good speed and will be through in a few hours.
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15.07.2021, 12:00 ship time, pos 58 08,1'N 005 44,4'W Last night we used the main engine for the first time since departing Ponta Delgada. This morning we started sailing again and had a beautiful view of the coast.
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14.07.2021, 12:00 ship time, pos 56 17,8'N 008 35,4'W With a speed of around 10 knots we will be inside of the Hebridean Islands in a few hours. Not having seen land since the 02 of july we are looking forward to seeing Scottish coast.
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13.07.2021, 12:00 ship time, pos 55 41,9'N 012 46,8'W Smooth seas and a nice wind make for very good sailing towards Barra Head. At the moment we are carrying all sails bar the spanker.
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12.07.2021, 12:00 ship time, pos 55 24,7'N 015 23,8'W Last night we once again moved the ships time, now one hour forward. Lessons are in session as we make our way towards the Hebridean Islands.
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11.07.2021, 12:00 ship time, pos 54 50,3'N 014 54,7'W Today we are having a sailor sunday. That means a break from lessons and maintenance. The normal functions are of course still running, helmsman lookout etc. Weather permitting we will alos be doing some manouvers under sail in the afternoon.
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10.07.2021, 12:00 ship time, pos 53 05,9'N 015 39,7'W Yesterday at the evening muster we had a small pod of pilot whales come quite close to the ship. Perfect timing as all trainees were on deck to see them.
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09.07.2021, 12:00 ship time, pos 51 09,5'N 016 14,4'W Having sailed some 1000 nm since Ponta Delgada we still have 1200 left to Esbjerg, our next port of call. A lot of maintenance is going on and the rig is getting much needed attention. Also the trainees are now learning how to splice wire, putting the marlinspikes they made at Martec to good use.
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08.07.2021, 12:00 ship time, pos 48 38,5'N 016 53,3'W During the morning we where greeted by rain and fog. Calm seas make for smooth sailing and easier lessons.
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07.07.2021, 12:00 ship time, pos 46 52,9'N 017 24,3'W As we have more than half of the voyage behind us more exams are coming up the next few days. Lessons and exam preparation is on going as is maintenance both in the engine room as well as on deck.
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06.07.2021, 12:00 ship time, pos 45 47,4'N 019 46,8'W Still overcast but the wind has diminished and we are once again flying t'gallants. At the moment sailing an ENE course but expecting to be sailing more north by tomorrow.
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05.07.2021, 12:00 ship time, pos 44 17,0'N 022 20,5'W The westerly wind continues to be good. A strong breeze has pushed the speed up to and over 10 kts the last 24h. One can sense more energy on deck these days as the air is fresher and white caps are everywhere.
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04.07.2021, 12:00 ship time, pos 41 45,6'N 023 33,7'W The wind has stayed westerly the last 24h and we have made good use of it. Now sweaters can be seen on deck even during the day time as the temperature is down to around 20 degrees.
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03.07.2021, 12:00 ship time, pos 39 15'N 024 04,5'W Sailing along on the port tack making very good progress. Some 128 nautical miles from noon to noon, mostly in a N'ly direction to make full use of the expected westerly winds.
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Danmark afgik Ponta Delgada 10:25 LT


02.07.2021, 12:00 ship time, pos 37 39,5'N 025 31,6'W Danmark departed Ponta Delgada at 10:25 local time today. Less than two hours later we shut down main engine and are proceeding by sail. This time our destination is in Denmark as we are sailing for Esbjerg.
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29.06.2021, 12:00 ship time, pos 37 42'N 027 06,5'W We passed Sao Miguel last night and are still heading for the central group of the Azores. In a few hours we will wear the ship and start sailing for Ponta Delgada where we expect to arrive tomorrow.
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28.06.2021, 12:00 ship time, pos 36 50'N 025 33,1'W Passed south of Santa Maria this morning. The Island was barely visible in the mist, by tomorrow we should be well in visibility of Sao Miquel.
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27.06.2021 12:00 ship time, pos 36 01,6'N 023 40,4'W As we are going westwards the mornings are becoming darker, as sure sign we need to change the ships time again quite soon. Another sign that we have been underway for some time now is that the trainees had their first exams today.
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26.06.2021 12:00 ship time, pos 34 52,5'N 022 28,1'W The wind finally reached us this morning and now we are sailing some 5 kts. The first flying fish of the voyage were spotted today.
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25.06.2021, 12:00 ship time, pos 34 18,6'N 021 54,6'W We gave been becalmed since this morning, rolling slightly in the swell. The wind is expected to return sometime tonight and take us towards Ponta Delgada.
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24.06.2021, 12:00 ship time, pos 33 55,1'N 020 37,3'W Sailing WNW in sunny weather, speed between 3 and 5 knots. Even though we are a bit slow in the light winds we are enjoying some fair weather sailing.
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23.06.2021 12:00 ship time, pos 32 55,4'N 018 39,9'W Yesterday evening Danmark departed Funchal bound for Ponta Delgada on the Azores. Our few days in port have been quite different than usual. Never the less both crew and trainees took advantage of the long quay. Some excercising and others just enjoying firm ground under their feet. Today we are sailing NW flying upper tops'ls in a fresh breeze.
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19.06.2021, 18:40 ship time, pos 33 03'N 016 19,7'W Hove the anchor and are now underway sailing bound for Funchal.
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16.06.2020 12:00 ship time. pos 33 03'N 016 19,7'W At 09:25 this morning we anchored in the bay of Porto Santo, a small Island some 40 nm NE off Madeira. Here we will stay for a few days, enjoying swim calls as well as boat handling excercises.
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15.06.2021, 12:00 ship time, pos 34 29,0'N 016 54,5'W The weather is still overcast as we sail south towards Madeira. Fairly light winds and small swell make for a comfortable sail.
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14.06.2021, 12:00 ship time, pos 36 09,2'N 017 06,5'W Sailing along nicely in a fair wind, overcast but warm weather. Our next port of call will be Funchal on Madeira but that is still some days away.
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13.06.2021 12:00 ship time, pos 36 58,1'N 014 46,4'W Today is sunday and both crew and trainees are enjoying a break from lectures. That does not mean that there is no work to be done. The galley acctually starts earlier on sunday as this breakfast takes more time to prepare. So even if we do take a bit of a break our 24h society keeps on going.
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12.06.2021, 12:00 ship time, pos 38 11,6'N 012 10,2'W The ship has been working harder in he seas the last 24h than during the entire voyage so far. So most on board are slightly tired but in good spirits as we roll in the atlantic swell.
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11.06.2021 12:00 ship time, pos 40 39,4'N 009 45,3'W We are roaring along in beautiful weather, all smiles on board. Last 24h we made 180 nautical miles. The helmsmen are experiencing a bit more challenging turns at the helm.
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10.06.2021, 12:00 ship time, pos 43 23,4'N 009 21,2'W Finally we got some proper wind and are sailing 5-6 knots in a moderate sea. Lessons are being held both on deck and below in the banjer.
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09.06.2021, 12:00 ship time, pos 44 28,2'N 008 03,3'W This morning the sea was completely glassy, only the swell indicates that we are in the Atlantic Ocean. We have some 100 nautical miles to Finisterre where we expect to pick up the Portugese northern, wind that is.
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08.06.2021 12:00 ship time, pos 46 14,1'N 006 21,5'W The swell is getting slightly bigger and the wind is still non existent. Mood on board is good as we roll on the bay of Biscay.
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07.06.2021 12:00 ship time, pos 48 18,8'N 006 15,3'W Routines blend the days together as we continue on our way south. As the weather still is fair (but no wind) maintenance is making good progress. The water has turned clear blue and dolphins pop up from time to time.
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06.06.2021 12:00 Ship time, pos 49 28,8'N 005 17,5'W We are slowly rolling in the swell between Lizard point and Ile D'Ouessant. Trying to catch the little wind there is we are setting t'gallants.
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05.05.2021, 12:00 Ship time, pos 50 07,6'N 002 18,9"W Last night we crossed the Greenwich Meridian into the western hemisphere. Still lacking wind but otherwise the weather is fair and trainees and crew are back at maintenance and lectures.
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04.06.2021 12:00 ship time, pos 50 55,3'N 001 10,0'E Passed Dover this morning with visibility enough for us to see the wgite cliffs. Today we have a break from lectures and the trainees can enjoy some leisure time between sea watches.
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03.06.2021 12:00 ship time, pos 52 37,7'N 003 16,0'E The wind left us this morning and after furling all sails we haveen underway by engine again. Weather is fair and maintenance and lessons are ongoing, on deck and below.
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02.06.2021, 12:00 ship time, pos 54 08,4'N 005 03,5'E Finally we got some fresh breeze from the east. Flying top gallants in sunny weather and sailing between 6-9 knots bound for Dover Strait.
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msg #7
01.06.2021 12:00 ship time, pos 55 42,8'N 006 07,1'E Just a few knots of wind and the ship was engulfed fog by this morning. Still underway sailing and expecting to be making better progress by this afteroon.
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31.05.2021 12:00 ship time, pos 56 34,4'N 006 33,4'E Underway sailing, flying royals in the light winds. Trainees are starting to settle into the routines as we soon will have been a week at sea already.
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30.05.2021 12:00 ship time, pos 57 42,4'N 008 44,5'E Motoring along on a calm sea, hopefully we will be able to find the wind later this afternoon. The weather is fair and the atmosphere onboard is good.
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29.05.2021, 12:00 ship time, position 56 55.2'N 012 06,4'E Proceeding by engine for the Skaw in calm weather.
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msg #3
28.05.2021 12:00 ship time, pos 54 40,7'N 012 37,5'E After rounding Lolland and Falster last night we are now heading north. Expecting to pass Copenhagen sometime this afternoon. Lessons and rig training ongoing.
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msg #2
27.05.2021,12:00 ship time, pos 55 58,8'N 011 00,7' E Underway motor sailing south bound for the Great Belt. The trainees are practicing their lines and getting used to the watch routines.
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msg #1
26.05.2021 14:48 Tokt #110 departed Frederikshavn for some cruising in Danish waters before heading out to sea. Expecting variable winds the next few days, so the time in close waters will be used to train handling of the rig and sails.
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