Sejlplan 2015 / Schedule 2015

Hent kalender

Calendar 2015 (english)


Voyage no. 102, 2015 - Tentative schedule - Approval pending!

Changes may occur.


January  24th Craftman school, MARTEC, Frederikshavn, Denmark
March 6th End-of-term, MARTEC
March 10th  Trainees sign on the ship, Frederikshavn
March 17 Departure Frederikshavn
April 26th Arrival Grenada, Caribbean Islands
April 29th Departure Grenada, Caribbean Islands
May 2nd     Arrival, Saint Martin, Caribbean Islands
May 4th Departure Saint Martin, Caribbean Islands
May 22nd Arrival Azores, Portugal
May 25th Departure Azores
June 11th Arrival Copenhagen, Denmark
June 14th   Departure Copenhagen
June 15th Arrival Frederikshavn, Denmark
June 19th End-of-term, trainees sign of